It’s normal to feel down

Everyone feels down sometimes. Living with diabetes can be particularly frustrating and worrying. If it all feels too much, you may not have the energy to make changes at the moment – that’s OK.

Some things that can help you feel better are listed below.

Who to talk to?

Perhaps what might help is someone to talk to. Wiltshire IAPT offer a variety of options to help how you feel including group sessions for people living with diabetes just like you.

If you think you’d like to see them you don’t need to speak to your GP first unless you particularly want to.

Have a browse on the IAPT website.

Stress less

While stress is a normal part of life but living with diabetes brings its own pressures. For many people it passes but the OneYou site has some good tips for those times you find yourself struggling with stress and anxiety.

Sleep well

Sleep problems are common but longer stretches of bad sleep can start to affect our lives. If you’re suffering with insomnia take a look at OneYou for things you can do to sleep better and improve your mood.

Stay connected

Spending time with friends, family and those around us is the best way to start feeling better. Just because you are living with diabetes doesn’t mean putting life on hold. It’s important to still do the things you enjoy with people you enjoying being with.

How have you been feeling lately?

If you’ve struggled with any of the following in the past two weeks, you may benefit from a free wellbeing service run by the Wiltshire IAPT team.

  • Little interest or pleasure in doing things
  • Feeling down, depressed or hopeless
  • Feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge
  • Not being able to stop or control worrying

Or in the past month

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes
  • Feeling that I am often failing with my diabetes routine

Learn more on the IAPT website or call 01380 731335.