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    • Active Health is our scheme for physical activity opportunities for those referred by a medical professional. There can be a range of medical reasons for referral, and a range of exercise programmes available across the county in Leisure Centres and other local facilities at a reduced rate.

    • To increase your opportunities for daily physical activity, consider walking or cycling to work or to pick your children up from school, get help with planning a safe route.

    • For Wiltshire based diabetes support you can find the Warminster diabetes UK group here and the Chippenham diabetes UK district group here.

    • Learn about the award winning X-Pert courses and find out how to book your free place

    • To get support on achieving your healthy lifestyle goals you may want to seek support from our Health Trainers.

      The Health trainer team can offer 6 free 1 hour sessions of one-one support for healthy eating, increasing physical activity, reducing alcohol intake, stopping smoking and emotional wellbeing. They will help to build confidence and motivation to enable you to achieve your goals, in a supportive and encouraging way.

    • From gentle activities to active sports and beyond, there’s a lot happening all over Wiltshire to help you live well with Diabetes. Learn more here

    • Free weekly Parkrun 5k events for all ages on Saturday mornings, walk, run, jog, volunteer, spectate.

    • Walking sports are traditional sports played at a slower, walking pace. This means they are accessible to older people, people who thought they could never play again due to injury, age or medical condition or people that have never played before but would like to start something social, fun and enjoyable. Learn more here

    • Wiltshire information and support to help you stop smoking can be found here

    • For support on managing your own mental wellbeing have a look at our IAPT service. Courses are subject to change.